The desktop era is almost over one can say, if you have noticed many offices and individuals have started to move on to laptops. This is mostly because it acquires very little space and can be carried around. Most of all it can be used even during a power cut. There many brands, models and types of laptops, it is almost hard to make a decision. There are few things to consider before making a choice on what laptop to buy?

Laptops come in different sizes, some are quite huge with a screen size of 17 inches and some are small with a screen size of 10 inches, the size of the laptop should depend on the purpose of the laptop. For example if you are looking to buy a laptop to play games the best gaming laptop would have a screen size of at least 17 inches, these machines are quite expensive compared to the normal ones. If you are planning to use it to watch movies then a computer with a larger screen is a good choice. Have a look around the options available size is a small aspect of a computer compared to the rest of it.

Quality of the keyboard

Unlike in the desktop computers, you can’t easily replace the keyboard of the laptop. It would cost a lot of money. When you buy a machine, make sure the keyboard is comfortable and the keys are big enough for you. For example if you are planning to use the computer for writing or gaming the best gaming laptop should have a good quality keyboard. If you are planning to use the keyboard to write then the keyboard should be of a good quality.

Central processing unit has the motherboard and the ram of the computer. This is a very important part of the laptop. Higher the ram and latest the processor the cost of the machine is increased. Based on the purpose of the machine, these should be noted. If you are using the laptop to design high resolution graphics then you should have a machine with the latest processor and a good Ram of at least 6GB. Generally in a good performing machine the RAM is about 4 GB.

Storage space is important when buying a machine, based on what you use the laptop for the storage space you require may vary. For example if you are using it for work you may pick a machine with a hard drive that has a lot of space. Usually the spacing ranges from 500GB to 1TB.

The above are few common things you need to consider before buying a laptop, there is much other small information you need to check and confirm as well.