Inside a newsroom it is like a war during some major incidents across the globe. Such as the latest situation of Brexit, terror attacks etc. these situations news reporters love it since they become so active in trying to get the news first to the viewers. What matters most is that this news that they report should be genuine and there should be valid proof as to that it happened. Sometimes there will be actual videos to prove it or actual pictures to prove it. However authenticity of news should be reported along with the news so that the viewers know that the report is true. 

Making sure that the news is genuine

Sometimes there is some news that needs to be checked regarding their authenticity. Since people sometimes make up many types of stories just to get their story reported in the news they might create a story out of nothing. Since that particular story maybe is an out of a larger story. Therefore it is essential to go through the big data analytics to identify the correlation of the data to make sure that particular story matches the bigger storyline. Furthermore analyzing every type of news data will make sure that the provided news is genuine and true. 

It is also better to have a social media monitoring tools app to cross check some of these stories with the actual incidents. Since social media will provide the best insight of actual happenings. If a wrong story or afake story is made public the first to criticize it will be the social media. Some news agencies just spread this news just to get the feedback from the viewers. But they will not publicize it as their own news but as a single user’s news. If there is positive feedback immediately that news will be broadcasted in the news channels and the person would be interviewed ad held accountable for the news. 

Reports duty during amajor incident

During an incident that people are curious as to know what happened the reporters need to find some interesting people or videos to show the viewers to keep them watching their cannel. Therefore there should be many reporters in the scene so that each reporter keeps on finding interesting news to deliver to their viewers so that the viewing number increases. When there is nothing interesting to show the people they should make sure to have some interesting people in the newsroom or over the phone to analyze the situation as to what happened and what would happen after this. This will keep the viewers watching the channel boosting the numbers of viewers.